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What to Bring

Just a few pointers on what to bring with you for the ‘King’s Club’ Holiday Club in Hungary. First thing to point out is what is that the weather will be hot and it could be very hot, in the high 30’s deg C. It just might rain which would bring the temperature down a little so check the weather forecast for Budapest before you pack. Shorts are the norm but don’t forget trousers and a light jumper for the cooler evenings. What to wear to Church? The Baptist church in Gödöllõ are fairly relaxed about what to wear to church on a Sunday. (you don’t need a shirt and tie!) So just bring some smart but casual clothes. Jeans or trousers with t-shirt or shirt for the boys, or trousers or long skirt with a sensible top for the girls. Most days flip flops or sandals are fine but bring some sensible shoes for the walk and in case in it rains.

Items to remember to Bring:
• Bible (small light one will do).
• Note pad (for all those important notes you will make).
• Pens (more than one as if you are like me you are sure to lose 1).
• Sun cream (lots of it)
• Anti mosquito spray (There are some nasty little mosquitos in Hungary)
• Sun Hat (to look like a right tourist!)
• Light rain coat (lightweight one as it may rain but the weather remains warm)
• Small gift for your host family.
• Sandals, Flip flops are ok but proper sandals are better.
• Sensible shoes (for walk or when it rains!)
• Make sure you top up your mobile phone before you leave.
• Swimsuit (You never know when you might need it?)
• Money, Food is cheap but most other things are the same price as the UK, no real bargains to be had I’m afraid in brand name items. Bring enough money for extra drinks, McDonalds, and some great Hungarian souvenirs. Exchange rate at the moment is about normaly somewhere around 330 Hungarian Forints to £1. There are cash-point machines and an exchange centre in the Tesco store next to the church.
• Photos of your home life, family, house, school, etc, the kids will love to see them.
• Your European Health Card to make sure your travel insurance is valid.
• Language phrase book, you can pick them up at any books shop like 'WHSmith’. All Hungarians, adults as well as kids will love you if you try to speak their language.

  • Bring plug adapters, from British 3 points to the Hungarian 2. Always useful.

I can’t think of anything else, just remember that you are not travelling to the end of the Earth, if you forget anything then Tesco will probably sell it and its open 24 hour. There is also the 'Stop-Shop' across the road from the church that has a C&A clothes store, A large chemist store very much like a large 'boots' in this country, that sells everything, CD's, toys and stationary etc.