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King’s Club English Language Bible Holiday Camp Gödöllõ, Hungary

When is the Camp? Monday 3rd – Friday 7th August 2015.

Where: Gödöllõ Baptist Church, in the town of Gödöllõ, Hungary.

What: An English Language Bible Holiday Camp for children aged 6 -11.

Each summer we arrange and run a week’s children’s holiday Bible club for children aged between 6 – 11 years old. With the attraction of the English language we offer children a week of activities in the English language. We hope to get away from the traditional classroom environment of learning, and instead to create a more relaxed and friendly way of learning the spoken language of English.

We do this by bringing a team of British people over to help run the camp side by side with the Hungarian team. This way the camp can be run as much as possible using the English language, with of course Hungarian translation at every point.

The camp’s programme will be centred on biblical stories and the values it teaches. This way we are not only able to promote the English language but of course the Bible itself and the messages it has for all. In doing this we hope to create a camp that is fun and friendly and where all leave longing to return the following year.

Aim: To promote the values of the Bible and the English language.

Who: Who will be running the programme?
The week’s programme will be organised and run by a team of volunteers from the Gödöllõ Baptist church. They will be helped and assisted in the actual running of the camp by a team of British volunteers for the week.

If you are interested in joining us for King's Club 2015 please email: