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Support us

If you would like to support us in our vision to reaching out using the English language in Hungary then firstly we ask that you remember the work in your prayers. Secondly if you are able to give financially then we would ask you to prayfuly consider donating money to the camp.

All money that is gifted goes directly towards the costs of running King's Club and the teenager camp called Awesome Camp.
King’s Club & Awesome Camp receives assistant in such matters as receiving gift aid on money given. This is assistance is done by a small registered charity called; ‘The Philadelphia Trust’ UK Charity Registration Number 1076936.

How to give:

Cheques can be made Payable to the ‘Philadelphia Trust’ (with a clear note on the back that the money is for King’s Club & Awesome Camp).

Gift aid: to increase the value of the gift by enabling gift aid to be claimed. The gift will need to be sent to a charity called ‘Lord’s Work Trust’ (with clear note that the money is for King’s Club & Awesome Camp).

Lord Work Trust. 42 Beans Burn, Kilmarnock, Scotland.KA8 1RH

The Lord’s Work Trust will contact you for any further information they require. They will then forward any gift plus the gift aid to the 'Philadelphia Trust'.

Should you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact Neil on:

Download: Example Letter to the Lord's Work Trust (ms word)

If you are interested in joining us for King's Club please email: