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We acknowledge that the costs of traveling to Hungary to serve with King’s Club, plus other related expenses can be a considerable sum. So therefore we do not set a standard fee for attending King’s Club. However as with everything in life it does take money to run King’s club effectively. As King’s Club is aimed at providing a holiday club for children from a less well-off background we aim to make it as affordable as possible for the parents of the children.

Therefore to help with the running of the camp and to make it just that little bit more special for the children we do ask for a donation gift of:

£30.00 per English language team member.

This money goes directly towards the costs of running the camp. For example: Bible teaching material, prizes & gifts for the children, props and other items that cannot be provided unless a gift is given. A spread sheet of the final costs of the camp will be made available upon request in early autumn

King’s Club is part of a registered charity called; ‘The Philadelphia Trust’ UK Charity Registration Number 1076936.

The £30.00 gift is a suggested amount only and we do not insist on it. The money can be gifted to King’s Club as outlined in the options below:

Option 1
Pay any gift to the ‘The Philadelphia Trust’ (with a clear note that the money is for King’s Club) and receive an official acknowledgment from the charity.
Cheques made payable to: ‘Philadelphia Trust’.

Option 2
To increase the value of the gift by enabling gift aid to be claimed. The gift will need to be sent to a charity called ‘Lord’s Work Trust’ (with clear note that the money is for King’s Club). They will then handle all paperwork and forward any gift plus the gift aid refund to the 'Philadelphia Trust’.

Lord Work Trust
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You can download an example letter to the Lords Work Trust for this purpose at the bottom of this page. The Lord’s Work Trust will contact you for any further information they require from you. They will send you a statement that clearly shows that your money has been sent to the 'Philadelphia Trust'.

Should you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact Neil on:

Download: Example Letter to the Lord's Work Trust (ms word)