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King’s Club is an English Language Camp for Children aged 6 – 12. For one week each summer the English Camp is held in the Godollo Baptist church. With a team of mother tongue English speakers who traveling from Great Britain each year, together we provide children with a week’s worth of activities in the English language.
We get away from the traditional classroom environment of learning, and instead create a relaxed and friendly way of learning spoken language.
We do through but learning through fun. We encourage the children to mix with the English team as much as possible but having a wide range of activities. They include; singing, English lessons, Bible story dramas, crafts, sports, games, puppets, quizzes, post box and many other fun activities.

All activities are designed to encourage the children to mix and speak with the English team and therefore boost their conference in speaking English.

If you want to know more about the next King’s Club event please take a look around this webpage for more details how you or your children can attend.